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A positive and inspiring film about our transition to a low carbon future

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Featuring the Findhorn Ecovillage and visionary leaders in the fields of Human Ecology and Global Transition, this film takes an inspiring look at our potential to create a life-sustaining society as we face the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change.


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What people are saying about the film

"The combination of serious, funny and beautiful was perfect!" Ella Young, Forres, Scotland

"The screening was a huge success. I have since received numerous excited emails about it. Your film is very powerful and I am so happy to see it this well received. We would love to show it again in a few months. Perhaps in conjunction with other Transition and reskilling events.” Gigi Chew, New York

"It was so amazing to see it on the big screen, and that people responded so well to it. Standing ovation, wow!  I really think you have something very special here, very special indeed. This is a film that made me feel hopeful; that gave me a clear idea of how I can move forward in my life in respect of these issues; and that I was so inspired I finally made a commitment to having an allotment, hurray!" Jane Duncan Rogers, Forres, Scotland

"It's very inspiring and I would like to purchase more copies to send to others. It delivers the message in a very accessible way and makes the point well that through responding to the call for change our lives can transform in creative and fulfilling ways". Sara Trevelyan, Edinburgh, Scotland

"This is the most positive and uplifting of all the films I have seen about climate change. Great to see that there is another way and that a whole community is already living it. Beautifully shot and clipped. The balance is perfect - interchanging gracefully between the experts and the community examples." Gordon McAlpine, Findhorn, Scotland

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